Toastmaster — January 2012
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Jennifer Blanck

Be sure to cite your participation in Toastmasters on your resume. You can list it under categories such as “Leadership,” “Volunteer Experience,” “Affiliations” or others. If you can include a description, make sure to use meaningful language and detail your experience and accomplishments.

At the very least, members can note something like this on their resume: “Delivered prepared and extemporaneous speeches as well as evaluations of other speakers.”

But don’t stop there. List the different roles you have performed in Toastmasters, in your club or beyond. Some of the details will change, but here are sample descriptions for you to consider incorporating into your resume.

If you taught a workshop at a Toastmasters Leadership Institute:
Trained groups of 15–50 district officers and members on leadership roles and public speaking skills.

If you are the vice president education:
Led educational programming for 23 members, planned biweekly meetings and oriented new members.

If you served as an area governor:
Oversaw international program requirements for five local public speaking and leadership clubs.

If you have been a mentor:
Mentored five members in public speaking and leadership skills development.

If you started a club:
Initiated and chartered new Toastmasters club offering education in public speaking and leadership.